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1957 Nash Metropolitan

1957 Nash Metropolitan


Beautifully restored vehicle that has been owned by a local enthusiast since 1980. AACA Senior award.

  • 1957 Nash Metropolitan

    The 1957 Metropolitan Nash is a small, compact car that was engineered and design by American Motors and built in Egland from 1953 to 1961. The Metropolitan was initially designed as a response to the growing demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient cars in the post-war era.

    The 1957 model of the Metropolitan Nash featured several notable updates and improvements compared to its predecessors. The car had a distinctive two-tone color scheme, with a white body and a contrasting color on the roof and tailgate.

    Under the hood, the 1957 Metropolitan Nash was powered by an inline-four engine that produced 55 horsepower. It was mated to a three-speed manual transmission, providing adequate power for city driving. The Metropolitan had a top speed of around 80 miles per hour (130 kilometers per hour) and had a fuel efficiency of around 30 miles per gallon (12.8 kilometers per liter), which was impressive for its time.

    This 1957 Nash Metropolitan is a beautifully restored vehicle that has been owned by a local enthusiast since 1980. The car has undergone an extensive restoration process, and it is now in excellent condition. The restoration was documented with photographs and paperwork, which are available with the car. The car's AACA Senior award is a testament to the high quality of its restoration.

    The Nash Metropolitan is finished in a stunning sunburst yellow-white combination, giving it a fresh and vibrant appearance. The interior features a white and gray-black color scheme, completing the overall stylish look of the car.

    Despite its small size, the Metropolitan Nash received favorable reviews for its handling and maneuverability. Its tight turning radius and nimble nature made it fun to drive, both in city traffic and on winding country roads.

    Overall, the 1957 Metropolitan Nash was a practical and stylish choice for those seeking a compact car during the late 1950s. Its small size, fuel efficiency, and distinctive design made it popular among urban dwellers and those looking for a second family car. The Metropolitan Nash remains a sought-after classic car today, valued for its unique charm and place in automotive history.

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