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1957 Chrysler New Yorker

1957 Chrysler New Yorker


Unrestored 1957 Chrysler New Yorker. One of the best examples that we have had the honor to sell.  All original body and paint work.

  • 1957 Chrysler New Yorker

    The 1957 Chrysler New Yorker, designed by Virgil Exner, is a classic car that captures the essence of 1950s style and charm. Its sleek lines and bold design reflect an era of automotive excellence.

    The exterior of the 1957 Chrysler New Yorker features a large, chrome-accented front grille, distinctive tailfins, and a striking hood ornament. The car is typically painted in vibrant colors, reflecting the flamboyant spirit of the time.

    This specific car, painted in Indian Turquoise, was originally purchased by Robert F. Gaugler of Cherryville, PA, in 1957. It was driven sparingly and last registered in 1972, with only 36,000 original miles on the odometer. The car was stored in a garage until 2002 when it was purchased by Byron Shoemaker of Allentown, PA.

    During his ownership, this Chrysler had extensive maintenance performed, including new seals, exhaust system, relined gas tank, rebuilt generator, and fluid flush and replacement. Despite its age, the car remains in remarkably original condition. The bodywork is straight and well-preserved, with consistent and attractive paint. The exterior trim and brightwork are also in outstanding original order, beautifully preserved and remarkably straight.

    Inside, the interior of the 1957 Chrysler New Yorker is incredibly well-preserved and original, aside from the door arm rests. The upholstery is in excellent original condition, reflecting the careful use and maintenance the car has received since it was new.

    Under the hood, the car is powered by a massive 325 HP Hemi engine, delivering ample horsepower and torque for its time. The engine is paired with a push-button transmission, providing a comfortable and effortless driving experience. The car runs and drives exceptionally well, with its original touch still intact.

    This specific unrestored 1957 Chrysler New Yorker is one of the best examples that we have had the honor to sell. Its timeless design and nostalgic charm make it perfect for display at car shows or enjoying on the open road. The car is sure to turn heads and draw admiration from both car enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike. It offers a glimpse into the opulence and elegance of the automotive industry during the 1950s in a way that few other cars can.

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